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Max Defers on email - what does this mean

If you are receiving a message from an undelivered email that refers to your domain  has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour (10/10 (31%)) allowed. Message discarded this means  that you are sending too many emails to addresses that do not exist.  This is not allowed.

If you are collecting these addresses electronically, and without confirming their accuracy and whether they wish to receive mailings -- you are breaking UK and international law. This includes EU law which applies to all EU citizens irrespective of where the service is, where they reside or where the messages are sent from.

We place these limits on services to restrict the impact that unknowing users may have on others. By engaging in this action - knowingly or not, illegally or not - you are actually harming your deliverability as other systems will reject your mail based on errors.

Whilst you may be running a promotion, but there are real and serious consequences of continuing as you currently are.  We would suggest that you limit the amount of emails you are sending out at any one time to small amounts to help keep within the allowed failure rates.

Simply put you will need to curate your mailing list or move to dedicated mailing hardware (a significant investment compared to your hosting account).

Please contact support if you need any assistance with this

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