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  • Internal & External Email Services
  • VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Remote Worker Access
  • High Speed Internet Connectivy
  • Centralised Document Storage

Office Corporate Networking Services

Once your business requires more than just it's first Personal Computer, you should implement an Astutium Network solution. We will provide you with a a cost effective system, allowing your staff to work more effectively and efficiently, maximising the ROI You will instantly gain the benefits of shared data, centralised resources, and collaboration.

An Astutium Network Solution provides...

  • Internal & External Email Services
  • Shared Calendar, Schedules and Meeting Bookings Systems
  • High Speed Internet Connectivy Office wide
  • Centralised Document Storage
  • Automated Document Backup
  • Printer Sharing
  • VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Remote Worker Access
  • Site to Site VPN Connections

Our highly trained technicians install more than just cables and computers - they are proficient in all technologies including...

  • Standard Ethernet Cat5e/Cate6 LAN
  • Wireless 802.11 Network
  • Wired and Wireless ADSL/SDSL Solutions
  • Fibre Optics, Layer2 and Intra-Building Connections
  • Laser and Microwave Technologies
  • LAN Extension Services (LES2, LES10, LES100, WES)
  • Multiprotocol complex networks

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