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Secondary Mail

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Don't Lose Another Critical Email

A backup email server service, often referred to as secondary (or tertiary) MX (mail-exchange) is a group of servers on the Internet that temporarily queues your incoming email should your primary mailserver be unavailable for any reason. Your primary mailserver could be in your own offices (e.g. a Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes server) or at your internet service provider, from who you collect mail using POP3 or accept it using SMTP.

Your primary email system may become unavailable for a variety of reasons, including :

  1. Hardware failure
  2. Software failure
  3. Network failure
  4. Overloaded and unable to deal with new connections
  5. Internet connectivity is down or saturated
  6. It is being rebooted after a security patch
  7. Offline for an upgrade
  8. Being Hacked/Targetted by a DoS attack etc.

If any of these situations should occur, then email will be diverted to your backup mail service. Without a backup service like MailFail any of the following will happen ...

  1. Email will be bounced back to the sender (giving the impression you are no longer in business)
  2. Email will remain at the sender (frustrating the user who wont know why it wont send)
  3. Email will simply disappear (gone down a black hole in cyberspace)

A correctly setup backup mx service will ensure that you *never* miss an important email and that your customers see you as a reliable high-quality company.

What is MailFail SecondaryEmail ...

The Astutium MailFail service is a business oriented complete email backup delivery service to ensure that in the event of a temporary (or permament) fault with your mailserver[s] or your connection to the internet, that email can still reach you, important message are not sent back with a "bounce" and that none of your mail disappears down a black-hole. MailFail is designed to assist your business, becomming part of your Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance plans, keeping your incoming email services available in the event of mailserver failure.

MailFail does not store archives of your emails (Contact Us about our MailStore service if you need dupliacte/offsite copies of your emails).

How does email delivery work ...

In a standard environment :

Email from your customers is sent from their mail client (outlook, eudora, exchange etc), to their ISP's SMTP mail-server then directly to your companies' mailserver. If, however, your company suffered a network cabling problem, temporary power outage, mailserver failure or other "disaster" email would either "bounce" leaving the impression you are no longer in business or worse, email would just simply "dissapear" meaning you miss that important order, and the customer isn't even notified.

[client] [isp] internet [your mailserver]

With the Astutium MailFail email backup service :

In the unfortunate event that for *ANY* reason your mailserver was unavailable or didn't respond to the SMTP connection request (perhaps it's being rebooted, your leased line just failed, or the modem cable simply became unplugged), the email would be automatically routed to the Astutium MailFail Master SMTP relay. The MailFail Master checks for the availability of your mailserver every 15 minutes and delivers the email as soon as your mailserver comes back online.

In the unlikely event that the Astutium MailFail Master SMTP relay is not available (due to a network outages, planned maintenance or other reason), the MailFail Slave SMTP relay would receive your email and queue it in exactly the same manner as the Master.

[client] [isp] (internet) [MailFail Master]-[your mailserver]-[MailFail Slave]

As you can see the number of available routes for your email is dramatically increased.

Is MailFail SecondaryEmail reliable ...

The MailFail Secondarymail Master and Slave mailservers are not only physically separate machines, but they are also on completely separate networks, switches, cabling and now hosted in separate buildings ! ensuring that they would not both be unavailable in the event of a complete network outage at one of our DataCentre facilities.
Our network maintains a 100% availability, utilising BGP4, multiple redundant routers, and with spares of every piece of equipment kept onsite, combined with 24/7 technical staff on hand.

How to Setup Backup Email Delivery ...

Setting up the Astutium MailFail Secondarymail delivery service is simple. We can advise on changes required if you run your own DNS. If Astutium is running the DNS for your domain we can set the neccessary mail records for you. If you can't control the DNS, then you will need to transfer you domain & DNS to our management. *Please Note* initial setup can take upto 72 hours.

How to Order MailFail SecondaryMail...

The cost of the MailFail SecondaryMail service is now only £ 100.00 + VAT per annum (or £ 10/month if paying monthly) per domain for providing the email delivery backup channel for all mail for one domain (regardless of the number of users or email accounts).
Each additional domain can be added for only £ 50.00 + VAT per annum (or £ 5/month if paying monthly) per additional domain.

If you host multiple domains and wish to dicuss a bulk package please Contact Us - Ideal for web-hosting and design agencies.

Existing Clients FYI: The following charge has now been removed making the mailfail secondary mail service even better value ... In addition to the annual service charge, email traffic bandwidth costs accrue at £5 per 1GB or part thereof whilst the service is Active, *due to your mailserver failure*, normally there would be no traffic. 1GB is a *LOT* of email traffic - if you get 10MB of email/day 1GB = 100 days of outage - remember this is a backup service not a replacement for your existing mailservers.

Thats it ! For as long as your existing email-service / mailserver(s) are working fine, MailFail Secondary Email Backup has no impact on your business and now costs you no more than the annual fee.

Order now and be protected today ...