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Domain Name Brokerage

Quite often your desired domain name may already be owned by a third party who are not using it, are getting some income from the traffic by showing a PPC (pay-per-click) Search Engine or simply showing a generic holding page. The Astutium Brokerage Service is designed to assist you in obtaining your chosen already registered domain name.

When you use the Astutium Brokerage Service, all contact is made in the Astutium name, with no revealing details given, keeping you completely anonymous from the discussions, until and unless you instruct us otherwise. We have found many times that this stops the current owners "loading" the price theyare willing to sell for.

The process consists of 4 simple steps..
  1. Contact
    The Astutium Brokerage team contact the current domain owners to enquire if they are willing to sell the name and get an initial idea of the amount they are looking for.
    Contact is made by email, letter, fax and telephone. Most domain brokerage deals are handled entirely by email in as few as 4 working days!
  2. Negotiate
    If the current owners are willing to sell, then you inform us of the maximum price you are willing to pay.
    The Astutium Brokerage team then negotiate on your behalf until a price at or below your maximum is agreed. If an agreement cannot be reached we write to the seller informing them of this and discussions are ceased.
  3. Contract
    You transfer to Astutium escrow account the agreed purchase price, and Astutium contracts with the seller, signing a document which details the remaining steps to be taken. On signing of these formal contracts the final stage of domain ownership beings.
  4. Transfer
    The existing domain holder transfers the domain to our control, and on verification of receipt we release the funds from our escrow account. We then isue you with our invoice, and on receipt of payment pass the domain control over to you.

Note: Certain domain extensions require a small additional fee (usually £35+vat) to update the ownership details with the central registry for that domain extension. The Astutium Brokerage servce provides you with all the necessary paperwork and form to make this additional step as smooth and simple as possible.

Astutium have successfully negotiated the purchase of domains for many corporate clients, and our service is used regularly by several leading advertising companies to obtain product domain names for their clients.

Fees and Charges

Our charges are simple : £75+vat per stage undertaken excluding VAT, plus out-of-pocket expenses for solicitors letters and contracts (often not required).
The most expensive Astutium Brokerage Service transaction was £3700 and included meetings and flights to the US before contracts could be agreed.
Most domain purchases are completed for the standard charge of £300. Any costs beyond that will be advised in advance.