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Domain Names Explained

What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name is a human friendly way to locate/define something on the internet.

Domains are translated by DNS (Domain Name Services) to their IP Address like 111.222.333.444 (ipv4) or 1111:3333:5555:7777:9999:BBBB:DDDD:FFFF (ipv6)
As you can see is much easier to remember and type than 2001:4bf0:1:0:100:0:10:10 !

Most commonly, domain names are registered to provide an easy way to find a website or for use as an email address.

How do I buy (register) a Domain Name ?

To register a domain name you need a domain registrar - there are two types: accredited domain registrars and domain name resellers.

We advise you always register your domain names with an Accredited Domain Registrar like

Before you can register (buy) a domain name, it has to be available - search for yours now ...

What can I use a Domain for ?

A domain name (with DNS) can be used for email addresses, as an address for your new or existing website, as names for your servers or simply to protect your intellectual property/brand/onlien identity

What are the different Domain Name Extensions ?

There are thousands of different TLDs (Top Level Domains / Domain Extensions):
  • country specific (ccTLD) - such as .ie .me .fr .so .gr .cx
  • generic / global (gTLD) - such as .com .net .org .biz .info .travel .pro .xxx
  • regional (rTLD) - such as .eu .africa .paris .london
  • new (newGTLD) - such as .bike .photo .sucks .xyz .luxury .horse .blog
For details on each domain extension (part right of the ast dot) see our Domain Extensions Wiki

What are the new GTLDs ?

From 2013 through to 2016 there are a lot of new domain extensions (known as the newGTLDs) being launched, many with massive hype. For a list of proposed, actual, existing and forthcoming newGTLDs see our List of newGTLDs

Which Domain is best for me ?

The very best domain names are:
  • Short
  • Memorable/Clever
  • Meaningfull
  • An appropriate extension
For your new domain name to be of any use, it has to be advertised - on your business cards, letterheads, sale-brochures - for this, shorter is better (as a general rule), so keep it easy to type and under 18 characters long.

Clever domain names (called domain 'hacks') are very popular, where the extension form part of the name like Astuti.UM
Otherwise stick to your local ccTLD ( for UK compnaies, .ca for canadians etc) and the main gTLDS like .com and .org
If your brand/business/name includes multiple 'words' you should register both the hyphenated and abbreviated versions

So, if your business name was dogwalkers-r-us, then suitable domains could be:

  • domain-hack: and
  • country specific:,,
  • generic: and

If registering for a business you should also register a .tel domain which is your online contact page to help your customers find your business quickly and easily.

If registering a domain for personal use, then extensions like, .pw, and .name are more 'personal' and more generally available

* Note for many domain extensions there are restrictions on registration, for example to buy a .eu domain you need to live in one of the countreis that are part of the European Union, or to buy a .asia domain your business must be registered in the APAC region.

Now you know the details domains and how to register a domain name, get started now and register yours before it's taken....