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Earn Revenue From Your Unused Domains

Domain names are being registered every second of every day, so if you've thought of a fantastic domain name for a business or project, it would be wise to register it immediately before someone else takes it.

Domains registered through Astutium if not hosted, will by default use our standard nameservers and optionally be parked on our default landing page, with a simple page saying the name is registered for a client.

If you are going to retain the domain for a while but not develop your online presence straight away then you may want to consider using our recommended domain parking services that offer you a share of the revenue your parked domain can generate.

Domain parking services such as Parking Crew, Sedo, DomainSponsor Rook Media will pay you for traffic to your parked domain.

This works by showing a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engine style page where any visitors to your parked domain, if they click through to an advertisers site, generates income for you.

So in summary, Domain Parking is the process where you register a domain and gain search-engine shared revenue until you are ready to host and use it for your own projects. Many of our clients are making significant monthly incomes from their parked domains

How to Park Your Domains

  1. Register your domains through Astutium
  2. Sign up for free domain parking accounts at:
  3. Set the DNS (nameservers) for your domains to your chosen parking service
  4. The parking service generates optimised adverts and search phrases based on your domain name and chosen categories
  5. You get paid (subject to traffic and validated click levels)
Test each of the services - different domains will have different earnings at different PPC sites, so its worth trying several to see which will pay you the most for the traffic.