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If your iPhone email is showing certificate not trusted that have previously manually trusted our server certificates.  You will need to complete the following:
1) Remove the account from Settings > Mail
2) Restart the entire phone
3) Recreate the account, if not prompted for new details they haven’t entirely removed the account or it was re-added by iCloud Keyring
4) Manually trust the certificate again.

To re-create the account the settings will need to be

POP3 Host Address : mail.Yourdomain
SMTP Host Address: mail.Yourdomain
Username: YourCPanelUsername
Password: YourCPanelPassword

Additional mail accounts that you add

POP3 Host Address : mail.Yourdomain
SMTP Host Address: mail.Yourdomain
Username : The FULL email address that you are picking up from (e.g. 
If your email client cannot accept a @ symbol, then you may need to replace this with a backslash or hash - check your email program manual/help files for specific intructions.
Password : As specified in your control panel

To enable SMTP Authentication on your ipad/iphone.

1) Select "Settings" freom your home screen
2) Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar"
3) Select your email address
4) and select your email address again
5) Select "SMTP" under the "Outgoing Mail Server" section
6) Select the "Primary Server"
7) Ensure "Authentication" is set to "Password"
8) Ensure hostname is set to "mail.<yourdomain.ext>"
9) Ensure the port is set to 587
10) Ensure SSL is switched "Off"
11) Enter the username (Your full email address)
12) Enter the *mailbox* password

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