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Problems connecting to the mail server when using Thunderbird (38.1.0)

There is a known issue with version 38.1.0 of Thunderbird when using encrypted connections to mail servers using some cyphers.

To resolve the issue we currently advise downgrading the version of Thunderbird to 38.0.1.

1) Close all Thunderbird windows.
2) Download version of 38.0.1 of thunderbird from the appropriate directory at (for example click "win32" and then "en-GB" for Windows English GB).
3) Open/Run the downloaded file and install Thunderbird.
4) Launch thunderbird. 

You should not be able to connect to the mailserver to retrieve/send mail, if you have any further problems please raise a support ticket.

The authors of Thunderbird are aware of the issue which should be resolved in a future release (post 38.1.0) which we advise upgrading to once available.

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