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How do I setup GMail and Plesk ? How to use Plesk and an External Mail Server ...

How to setup Plesk and an External Mail Server

Although your hosting account can handle your emails, there are some instances where you might be required to use an external email service.

If your domain is hosted with the Astutium Plesk Hosting Service, and uses the hosting DNS systems (included with your hosting account) then it's very simple to setup...

  • Login to your Plesk Control Panel
  • Select DNS Zone Management
  • Delete the current MX entries
  • Add new MX entries in priority order using the details given by your external email service provider
    - please note we will not know what they are and cannot check they are correct, details can ONLY be provided to you by the external email service provider
  • Select Mail Accounts
  • Delete all of the existing forwarders, mailboxes, etc
    -please note this will remove any mail still stored on our servers
  • Select Mail Settings
  • Uncheck the box next to "Activate mail service on domain". This will stop attempts by the Plesk system to deliver email locally.

Mail will now (subject to the sender's ISP reading the new MX details) be delivered to the external MX and local users will deliver to the external system rather than to the hosting server cluster.

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