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Outlook Express FAQ: How do I setup email in OE ?

How to set up your email addresses Please follow the 6 easy steps below...

email setup step 1
Open Outlook Express. (Its better to set up your email addresses offline). Go to the Menu "Tools" and click. From the drop down menu, select "Accounts" and click.

email setup step 2
From the open box, click "Mail" tab. This will list all of your current email addresses. Click on the "Add" button and from the list, choose "Mail"

email setup step 3
Next, you need to type a display name for your email address. (i.e. Company name, Your name...etc) Once you have selected a name, click "Next"

email setup step 4
On the next box, you need to type the email address that you wish to add. (i.e. This must be your full email address and must end in "", ".com" or any other domain suffix. Click "next"

email setup step 5
Next you need type in the type of mail servers that you use. On the "My incoming mail server is", choose "Pop3". In the next "Incoming mail" box, type "" (Replace the above yourdomain to your own domain name). In the next box, "Outgoing mail server" this will be the same as above. (i.e. Click "Next"

email setup step 6

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