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How do i junk all mail sent to a specific email address / person in Ensim ?

To have all mail sent To a specific email address autoamtically junked:
  • Log in to your Ensim Control Panel at http://{yourdomain}/admin
  • Click on [Mailboxes/Users]
    If the name already appears in the list, click on the [dustbin] to delete it
  • Click on [Email Aliases]
  • Click on [Add an Alias]
    Enter the Alias (part of the email address before the @ symbol) into the text field
    Select Forward To (inside of domain): site_blackhole
  • Click on [Add Alias]
Now all mail sent to {alias}@{yourdomain} will automatically get deleted by the server.

To undo the auto-delete, simply click the [dustbin] on the [Email Aliases] section of the control panel.

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