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How do I setup email in Netscape Messenger ?

Basic email setup with Netscape Messenger

Start messenger, then from the top menu click on
Edit then Preferences and a dialog box will be displayed.
On the left hand pane click on [MAIL & NEWS] and then [MAIL SERVERS]
Click on [INCOMING MAIL SERVER] then [EDIT] and set the following details ...
POP3 SERVERshould be selected
POP3 SERVER (without the WWW)
POP3 USERNAMEa valid username (email address) for your domain (one of the users you have setup)
REMEMBER PASSWORDshould be ticked
SMTP SERVER NAMEthe same as the SMTP server that you use with your ISP
SMTP USER NAMEthe same as the SMTP user that you use with your ISP

Later versions may vary but you must set the SMTP to your ISP and POP3 to your domain as above.

Your new email account in your mail-client is now setup - connect to the internet and pick up your email.

You will receive all email addressed to - you may have an infinite number of alias, for your mailbox.

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