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Outlook Express FAQ: OE will receive emails but not send any

There are 6 known reasons for MS-OE to be able to collect email ( POP 3 ) but not be able to send email ( SMTP ) and they are ALL configuration issues at your end, not problems with the server(s) or email service(s).
  1. You have mistyped something - usually the outbound server name or from email address.
    Check your outbound and inbound server name details are *exactly* the same
    Check your from address on that email account is {something}@{outbound-server}
  2. You have the wrong port set on the SMTP details.
    Outbound mail uses port 25 SMTP
    Incoming mail uses port 110 POP3
  3. You have the wrong authentication type setup on the mail account.
    Make sure any options in Advanced or Servers do not have use MS SPA selected.
    Check on the Advanced or Servers tab that the option My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication is selected, along with Use same outgoing settings as incoming
  4. You are running some email blocking/filtering software.
    Packages such as McAffee Personal Firewall, and Norton Internet Security deliberately interfere with your email settings.
    Turn them off, and contact their own support departments for assistance in configuring them - please note we are unable to support 3rd party software on your equipment
  5. You have local hosts file settings, firewall setting, network setting or corporte policy prohibitting that email address.
    Check with your Office Network Administrator on corporate mail setup and policy.
  6. You picked an ISP that blocks outbound email.
    Sadly this includes BT/Yahoo, BT ADSL, VIRGIN ADSL, and others - contact your connectivity supplier for details on their email blocking setup.
    The correct solution is to change supplier to one who doesn't censor and intercept your internet traffic !

    Often a short-term temporary fix is to use the ISPs own outbound SMTP server, but everyone you send an email to will see which ISP you use and your ISP direct email address. This will lead to a massive increase in spam, virus, malware and bank/ebay phishing scams
If after trying all of these, you are still having difficulties with your email, please raise a support ticket for specific help/advice on your problem

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