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How do I setup an Out Of Office Autoreply on Astutium WebMail

Adding an Out-Of-Office or other Auto-Reply is a quick and simple task using the Astutium WebMail

Note we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do *NOT* use 'Out of Office' (OOO) type options - for over 20 years they have been considered of no practical use and are considered a strong cyber-security risk.

If you do insist on having an OOO we suggest you read this before setting it up Your Detailed OOO/autoresponder Could Be Putting Your Organisations Security At Risk
and What Your OOO Message Tells Attackers
before setup and to advise you on what not to reveal
  1. Login to your Astutium WebMail at http://{yourdomain}/webmail
  2. Pick RoundCube if you have not yet setup a default webmail option
  3. Click Settings
  4. Pick Filters
  5. Select your current AutoReply or click the Plus (+) to add a new one
    • Pick incoming mail and choose 'All Messages'
    • In the dropdown/menu select 'Reply With Message'
    • For the Message Body ... type the reply/message you want to send send on your OOO - noting the secirity risks and the out of office reply
    • DO NOT put your usual signature in the Message Body - valid recipient systems will strip it off, and only Spammers and Scammers will see it
    • For the Message subject ... type the subject you would like to have on your OOO - e.g. 'Your email has been received but not read'
    • DO NOT put anything in the Additional Emails section
    • Enter 1 (one) into the 'How Often' option

    To Enable this filter untick the filter disabled box and press Save
    To Disable the filter, tick the filter disabled box and press Save

Reminder - it is considered email and security 'Best Practices' to NOT use an OOO. See OOO Auto-Replies A Major Threat To Security

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