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How to Refresh/Update cPanel Licence Key / Run Licence Script

How to Refresh/Update cPanel License Key / Run License Script There are a number of ways a cPanel/WHM server can require a reset/refresh of the licence key ...
  • Firewall problems
  • DNS Resolver issues (affect those using CF and Google)
  • cPanel Maintenance
  • IP Address Change
  • Hostname has changed
  • Comms failure during a --force update
  • O/S Signature changed (underlying host different on a virtual machine)
  • Leftover Trial Files
  • Incomplete full server restore (affects OVZ vps regularly)

Which can then lead to either WHM/cPanel not allowing logins, reporting server is unlicenced, or redirecting webmail logins to the licence verification pages.

Thankfully fixing it is relatively simple and quick (although may need you to fix the firewall rules if that is blocking the connection - this is the most common reason for a VPS to lose it's licence validation)

  1. Check the Primary IP is correct (as per the licence)
    From SSH : curl -L
    or lynx -dump
  2. Check the licence has not been revoked at
  3. Check resolvers setup and working
    From SSH: host
  4. Execute the licence checker again
    From SSH: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
  5. * if message about Perl fails try updating with
    yum clean all
    yum update perl
    /scripts/upcp --force

Try accessing cPanel/WHM again via IP and hostname to check licence test is now validating

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