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Disk usage quota reached what do I do now?

You have probably been getting emails saying that you are getting close to your disk usage limit and you may be wondering what to do about it. We hope this will help you.

1. Clear out some emails :-)

The most common cause for high disk space usage is due to emails being left on the server. You can clear these by deleting any old unwanted/spam etc mails and then clearing the deleted folder. Or simply move emails that you do wish to keep into the local folders in your email application.

More details can be found at

2. Check that you are not storing old webfiles within your hosting. You can make local copies of any you think you might want to keep for the future and clear them off your hosting space.

3. You can upgrade your account

Log into your client area
click on 'my services' then 'list services'
Click on the blue 'manage service' button
and then take the 'management actions' white tab upgrade/downgrade service and follow the instructions.

Getting to 100% disk usage will prevent your service from working so it is advisable to have a check on your mail folders etc regularly.

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