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How do I update PHPList to use mysqli?

The distributed version of PHPlist uses a MySQL database and calls the
mysql functions, which are now deprecated and in the next (5.5) release
of php will cause warning messages to be generated. At some point in the
future they will stop working altogether. Fortunately a simple change to
the PHPlist config file will cause the corresponding mysqli (MySQL
Improved) functions to be used instead and these are now the recommended
ones. Future-proof your installation of PHPlist by following the
following steps:

1) Locate the config file for your phplist installation.

If you have installed the script on your domain with URL like then the physical path will be
/home/(cpanel-username)/public_html/phplist/config/config.php *
Download this file to your local machine by FTP

2) Edit the file in a local *TEXT* editor like notepad (MS-Word is not
a text editor)

3) Locate the section that defines the database module to use (search
for _database module_)

# select the database module to use
# anyone wanting to submit other database modules is
# very welcome!
$database_module = "";

4) In that last line change mysql to mysqli and save the file.

5) FTP the new configuration over the top of the original and it will
start to use mysqli.

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