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How do I publish using FTP with FrontPage?

The Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions have been deprecated for many years, and Microsoft are now no longer supporting them or making security updates.  As such we are phasing out the ability to use the Extensions on security grounds.  One of the biggest changes you will need to make is how you publish your web using FrontPage. If you already use FTP, you can stop reading.

To publish using FTP:

  1. Start FrontPage, and then open your Web.
  2. On the File menu, click Publish Web.
  3. Under Specify the location to publish your web to, type the absolute path to your content directory on the FTP server. Ensure that you add a %2f prefix to the path of your content directory.

    For example, if your content directory at the following Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
    is physically located on the Web server in the following path
    /public_html (for Plesk this folder is /httpdocs, for Ensim /var/www/html)
    type the following path in FrontPage:
  4. Click Publish.

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