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What exclusions are there to your "Zero Downtime or Zero Invoice" SLA?

For clients on our Unmanaged services, our SLA is a credit of 1 day's value of the service for every time we have an outage.

Credit is applied automatically to the next invoice, and is not refundable.

For clients on our Managed Service Levels (and where no other/special contractual agreement is made) our SLA is as follows:

  • We achieve 100% uptime at the network / cloud level, or;
  • Your next month's service is free.

There are some exclusions to both SLA policies:

  • Planned maintenance, for which we have given you at least 24 hours' notice,
  • Small monitoring system 'blips' such as due to very minor packet loss or failover delays (generally just a few seconds).
  • BGP recalculation time, due to the failover of routers and switches, a delay/outage of 5 minutes is to be expected if an upstream link goes down.
  • If you have any overdue invoices.

If you feel that the above is not suitable then please contact us for a custom agreement.

Assurance can be provided against downtime and data loss up to £1,000,000.

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