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How do I Validate Details for my SSL certificate?

IMPORTANT: To process your order, please complete:

* SSL Subscriber Agreement

* Certificate RequestForms

and return the signed documents via fax to 020 3475 2666, by post to our registered office, or attach them to a ticket for the sales team.

Please quote your Domain and your Order Number, so that we can proceed to validate the certificate requirement in a timely manner.

SSL Subscriber Agreement: Click here to download SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement.

Certificate Request Form: Click here to download SSL Certificate EV Request Form.

We will also need some company documentation from you:

* Company Incorporation Certificate

And one of:

* Bank statement (you can redact the statement entries, but we need the bank name/account/address details shown

* Utility Bill in the Company Name no older than 3 months

* Lease agreement for the company address

All of these documents, and your domain registration, and the address on your website *MUST* match, if they do not, you will not qualify for an SSL Certificate, with no refund of the application fee - so update them all NOW

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