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How do I transfer from Get British Business Online?

Many small-business owners have seen the "free offers" of Get British Business Online, and whilst the general idea of business having a domain and webiste, they all soon find that the service is much poorer quality than expected (although for free what would you expect?)

Websites that dont work, performance/loading issues, and other problems - and a website builder that churns out terrible sites that no-one will visit.

Due to the number of people wanting to move away to Astutium's "proper" business hosting service (with optional site-builder) we're offering 50% off to all GBBO Refugees.

Here are the simple migration steps...

  1. order your professional business hosting package at
    Take the "I will transfer my domain" option
    Don't pay the Invoice at the end of the checkout process.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the 'forgot password' link and follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Wait for the email to arrive with your username and password
  5. Login with these details at
  6. Near the centre of the page is a link to transfer your domain away, click the link
  7. Contact us to check the transfer process has been correctly started, and to claim your 50% discount

Current contact number for GBBO is 01954 832751

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