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How do I use Google Apps / GoogleMail /Gmail for my domains email service through HSPhere ?

How do I use Google Apps for my email service from HSPhere ? To switch to using google hosted email from the hsphere / dch email service ...
  1. Make sure you have collected all your emails
  2. Log into your HSphere Control Panel
  3. Click on Email
  4. Delete all your email accounts that you had for the domain
  5. Return to the main Control Panel screen
  6. Click on Domain
  7. Turn OFF the email service
  8. Return to the main Control Panel screen
  9. Click on Domain
  10. Click on the DNS configuration edit icon
  11. Delete the built in MX records for your domain
  12. Delete the existing mail.domain CNAME record
  13. Add the A, CNAME and MX records exactly as supplied by Google
    for any specific help with the A/CNAME/MX records they supply, you *will* need to contact Gogle, as we do not run their email service and only they can assist in it's configuration

Please remember that many ISPs and email systems will have "cached" the old details, and it can be upto 7 workingdays before everyone realises your email service has moved. No email will be delivered to or accepted by our servers once you start the process, so it *should* all eventually get to your google mail account, depending on the *senders* ISp and mail setup.

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