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How do I forward my email to another address in CPanel / WHM ?

CPanel Email Forwarding

In cPanel, email accounts which forward to another address are simply known as forwarders.

To create a forwarder, click the "Email" icon. Then select "Forwarders". Finally, click on "Add Forwarder"

In the from name field, enter the address which you wish to forward from e.g. enter george to forward all emails sent to george@(yourdomain) to another address.

In the forwarding to address field, enter the address to which you wish to deliver the forwarded emails - This address *MUST*exist as a valid mailbox somewhere - on the same server/domain or an external one - do NOT forward to a forwarder - this will get your email added to blocklists/blacklists and prevent your email from ever being delivered again.

In your domain name field, enter the hosted domain name for this forwarder - this allows you to have separate forwarders for each domain hosted in your account if required.

Additional Notes

If you enter the from name of an existing POP mailbox account, emails will be duplicated to the forwarding address and the local mailbox - This is NOT recommended.

To forward emails to multiple destination addresses, simply repeat the process of creating a new forwarder, using the same from-name each time, but specifying a different forwarding-to address.

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