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Creating an autoresponder

How to create an email autoresponder in H-Sphere

This tutorial assumes that you've already logged into your H-Sphere control panel

Now let's learn how to create an email autoresponder in your H-Sphere control panel

An email autoresponder sends an automatic uniform reply to all the mails sent to that mailbox. It does not store any mail as a mailbox does but it is a good idea to set up an autoresponder to your regular mailbox when going for vacation. In this case you should create an email autoresponder with the same name

1) Scroll over Mail Info option

2) Then click Mail Manager

3) Be sure to select the correct domain name here if you have more than one domain

Scroll down

4) Under E-mail Setup Functions click New E-mail option

5) Type in the name of your autoresponder here

6) It is a good idea to enable AntiSpam or/and AntiVirus settings for your new mail resource

Scroll down

7) Be sure to check the Autoresponder option here to identify your mail resource

8) If you want to quote the original message in the autoresponse, use Include incoming message option

9) Then enter a Subject and a Message for your autoresponder

10) If you wish you may choose to add attachments to your autoresponder

11) When finished click Submit button

The new autoresponder has been set up

Let's scroll down and check...

Here the new autoresponder is listed

This icon defines this mail resource as email autoresponder and not just a regular mailbox

From this area you may edit or delete the new email autoresponder or create a new one the same way by clicking New E-mail option

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create an email autoresponder from within your H-Sphere control panel


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