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Doing a trace route

Doing a trace route to our servers (Based on MS Windows)


Open a command prompt, you can do this via...


Start > Run > Type "cmd" and press "Enter"


(Note: If "cmd" does not work please try "command")


A black window will appear - in this window type the following...




(NOTE: If you get any prompts about tracert trying to access the internet please allow it)


You should receive some lines similar to this...


  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    17 ms    16 ms    17 ms []
  3   199 ms   196 ms   202 ms []
  4    18 ms    18 ms    18 ms[]
  5    17 ms    17 ms    18 ms

  6    24 ms    22 ms    28 ms []


This shows the network route taken from your PC to our server (mail server in the example above)


If you do not get past line 1 or 2, it is most likely to be a problem local to your machine/network or ISP - possibly a firewall config or ISP is currently having problems.


If you get further then it is possibly a problem with the network between you and us, it would probably be worth sending a copy of the details to us in a ticket so we can check it out.

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