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My website is down...

My website is down..

In a unlikely event your website is down please do check the following

a, Your domain has not expired - If your domain is registered with us you can check to see if your domain is in need of renewal in the Client Portal at
Please do note that all domain reminder notices are sent to the account contact email address only

b, Your hosting account has not expired - Try logging into your account via the control panel and check the date (HSpshere) or check the Client Portal (Cpanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin/HELM/DotNetPanel)

c, Check out the Announcements and Notices on the Support Service at to see if there is any current work being carried out

d, Verify it is down with an independent source - try Down For Everyone?

Over 99% of reports of "my site is down" are faults with your machine, your network, or your ISP and not anything related to the hosting service

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