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Test to see if your ISP blocks external SMTP

Testing to see if your ISP allows you to use external SMTP servers


Open a command prompt, you can do this via...


Start > Run > Type "cmd" and press "Enter"


(Note: If "cmd" does not work please try "command")


A black window will appear - in this window type the following...


telnet 25


(NOTE: If you get any prompts about telnet trying to access the internet please allow it)


If you receive the line




Then you are OK - please type "quit" and press enter


If you get a timeout error this means your ISP is blocking external SMTP servers - this is becoming more and more common - but do not worry! We also operate our SMTP servers on a non standard port as well so you may still be able to use our SMTP server - click here for details


If you get a response but it is NOT from then your ISP is redirecting the SMTP service - most likely to their own SMTP server (Or you may have some sort of proxy)


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