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Can't send mail - spamhaus

If you are having problems sending email and you are getting an error with details like this in it (where is your IP address)...

Please go to and following the instructions there.

Notes : Why was my IP listed in the XBL?
Most IPs are listed only as a result of directly sending spam or viruses to the XBL (CBL) system's detectors (spamtraps, special addresses which do not belong to any real users, and which receive only spam). When mail is received from the IP, the connection is analyzed to determine if it is either an open proxy or is running a spam-sending trojan (usually installed by a virus such as Netsky, Bagle, etc.).

(In this case our system lists only when the virus connects directly to our servers, not when an intermediate, non-virus-MTA connects, nor due to a virus being bounced.)

If the IP belongs to a NAT gateway/firewall system, we strongly recommend blocking all outgoing port 25 traffic from machines on your network not configured and maintained specifically as mailservers.

Other listed IPs come from the scanned connections to SMTP servers (NJABL) and IRC networks (BOPM). Open proxies are used to abuse IRC much as they are used to send spam. If a proxy system is detected open, its IP is listed.


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