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Mail hosted externally (Remote MX)...

Mail hosted externally...

If you have your web site hosted with us, but have your email service hosted elsewhere (eg an Exchange server in your office) you should make DNS changes in your control panel like below...

1. Log on to Control Panel
2. From the "Domain Settings" menu select "Domain Info"
3. If needed click the domain name you need to edit.
4. Switch Off the mail service with us (Be sure you understand what you are doing as this will delete any mail setting on our servers)
5. Click the Icon to edit "DNS configuration"
6. Under "Custom A records" Click "Add DNS A Record", the name should be something like "mail" (without quotes), in the "Data" field you should enter the IP address for your mail server, then click Submit.
7. Under "Custom MX records" Click "Add DNS MX Record", leave the "Name" field empty - this is important, in the "Priority" field enter "10" (without quotes), then in the last box enter the fully qualified domain name of the A record you created in step 6 - this will be something like "" and click submit

That's it, our DNS and mail servers now know to deliver mail to your externally hosted mail server

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