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There are two types of SSL service available, shared SSL and dedicated SSL, to explain the differences...

Shared SSL...

This option is cheaper than the full SSL service, this is because you do not require a dedicated IP address and you do not have to purchase your own SSL certificate - you share one of our secure certificates. Your secure website address would look something like this...

So you choose a subdomain from our domain ""

This is equally as secure encryption wise as a full SSL service.

Full SSL...

With this option you will need a dedicated IP address, and your own SSL certificate. You are able to have the secure URL to look exactly as you require, ie you can base it on your own domain name, ie

We can offer certificates starting from £20 a year and up - the difference between them is the "trust" level - because SSL is not always just about encryption but also about trust.

For example, if you use our shared SSL service the certificate will not be registered to your company or domain name - but it is still secure from transmitting data over the internet.

On full SSL, with a £40 certificate you can have the asthetics of using your own domain name, and the encryption between client and server - but the level of trust is low since these certicates are very easy to acquire. This may suit you, if you do not do ecommerce and want to use your own domain for the SSL service.

Again on full SSL, with a slightly more expensive certificate, you get a trust logo ( Like the one we have at ) with these the trust is built in because the certificates are only issued once certain criteria are met and certain documents are provided and confirmed.

With the event of some new browsers that can show a green bar for secure sites - we can also offer EV SSL certificates, these are special Extra Validation certificates, they do cost more, but can provide the visitor to your site with more much more confidence in the trust and security.

If you have any questions on this please let us know via our support site @

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