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Basic Exim troubleshooting

Here are the basic SSH commands to assist in troubleshooting any suspected exim mail server troubles:

  • Display the current exim configuration
    exim -bP
  • List the messages currently in the exim queue
    exim -bp
  • Count the messages currently in the exim queue
    exim -bpc
  • Combine a List with sSummary
    exim -bp | exiqsumm
  • Explain current exim status and function
  • Test a mail address
    exim -bt {full-email-address}
  • Test incoming mail connection as if from an IP
    exim -bh {IP}
    If your mailserver is rejecting mail from a specific location this will allow you to test as if you were at that IP (note any mails created are auto-discarded)

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