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How to update CPanel/WHM from shell command line (SSH) ...

It is highly recommended to *ONLY* do your control panel updates from the shell, whilst you are watching the screen.
Updating using the web-scripts is prone to failure, and dependant on YOUR connectivity to the internet.
You should *NEVER* just switch on automatic updates and hope for the best - letting someone else decide what and when to update your system, will lead to downtime.

Connect by SSH to your server/VPS, and su - to root then ...

# bring all cpanel scripts up to date

  • /scripts/updatenow
# update to the latest version of cpanel/whm
  • /scripts/upcp ---force
# upgrade mysql to the latest supported version
  • /scripts/mysqlup --force
# upgrade email to the latest version
  • /scripts/exim4 --force
# apply any new hotfixes
  • /scripts/fixeverything


Finally restart the Cpanel/WHM process with

  • /etc/init.d/cpanel restart


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