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I am unable to log on to my web site, is there a server problem?

It is possible but very unlikely that there is a problem with the service - our advanced constant systems and service monitor informs the onsite technicians in the event of any issues, so that they are fixed before clients could notice :)

Firstly, please check our forum for any notification of known problems or maintenance at

Then try a simple diagnostic to make sure its not a fault with your ISP (which is the most common reason you cannot access our site) ...
From a command prompt / shell / dos-prompt type:
tracert {yourdomain}
e.g. tracert
That will follow (trace) the path (route) from your machine to your website. Any hop showing asterisks could indicate a problem with that point on the route. We are only able to solve issues where the hop is part of our network.

Please note; If you have attempted to login multiple times using incorrect details -- across any service, e-mail, control panel, web site, etc. -- your IP address will be blocked by our automated Intrusion Detection System.  These blocks time out after 60 minutes.

If you still think there might be a problem, please raise a support ticket with details of your domain name, and as much information about what you see exactly happening (the more information, the quicker it can be investigated) and one of the support team will deal with your query. Please also include a paste of the traceroute you did.

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