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How do I order Addons like more IP Addresses, extra Bandwidth/Transfer, additional Disk etc.

Adding additional features to your existing Products and Services can be done online through the Client portal

Currently you can order:

  • Servers: KVMoIP, IP Addresses, Private VLANS, Cable sets
  • VPS: IP Addresses, Private VLANS
  • Hosting: SSL Certifcates, Dedicated IP Addresses, Priavte Nameservers



  1. Login to the Client Portal at
  2. Click on My Services > List Services to see a list of your Servers / Collocation / Reseller / Shared Hosting Accounts.
  3. Click on the "View/Edit Details" button next to the item you wish to order additional features for.
  4. Click on "Addons" tab to view and order the available extras for that product.


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