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How do I set up an Autoresponder/Out of office to incoming emails on CPanel ?

Creating an Autoresponder

  1. Login to your webmail interface through http://{domain}/webmail
  2. Click on your email address on the top right and select Autoresponder Options from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Add Autoresponder
  4. Choose the character set the email will be sent in by selecting an option from the drop field
  5. Enter your name in the From field
  6. Enter the subject you wish the recipient to see in the Subject field
  7. If you wish for the email to display html code in web form, click the tick box next to HTML
  8. Provide a body for your message. For example: "I am out of the office until Monday July 23rd. Please speak to my assistant Veronica on 01234 567890 for any emergencies."
  9. Click on Setup Autoresponder

Now, all emails sent to your email account will be greeted with this autoresponse until you remove it. You remove it in the same interface by choosing Delete Autoresponder option.

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