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Where do you Peer ?

Astutium Ltd (AS29527) have an extensive peering setup, as well as purchasing Partial Transit to fill in any gaps within our Pan-European network.

Currently AS29527 is present at...

Exchange Speed PoP Protocol
RBIEX 100Mb/s UK-IPH IPv4 & IPv6
LINX (Foundry) 1000Mb/s UK-THN IPv4 & IPv6
LINX (Extreme) 1000Mb/s UK-MER IPv4 & IPv6
Lipex 1000Mb/s UK-HEX IPv4 & IPv6
UK6x 100Mb/s XPE Vlan IPv6
AMSIX 1000Mb/s TCRB-AMS-2f IPv4
BNIX 100Mb/s IPv4
SFINX 100Mb/s IPv4

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