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Why doesn't my new webpages show in a browser ?

Problem: I've uploaded my website, but when I view in a browser I still see the original version or my welcome page.

If you still see the default holding page after uploading your website, there are a number of possible problems...

  • you uploaded to the wrong directory
    please make sure web visible content is uploaded to the public_html, wwwroot or httpdocs directory as appropriate.
  • you left the index.htm(l) holding page in the web directory, so it's showing that still.
    you will need to remove the original/default index.htm(l) from the hosting server for it to show your own index file (index.php, index.htm, etc).
  • the browser has cached the holding page and not asking the server for the new website
    press Refresh key/button/toolbar a few times to force it to read from the internet rather than the local hard disk
  • you are using an ISP which caches the results
    complain to your ISP or better yet, change to a decent one that doesnt proxy/cache the pages.

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