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How do I transfer subdomains from Ensim Control Panel to CPanel/WHM ?

The ensim control panel systems and cpanel control panel have very different layouts / directory structures.

Migration of subdomains from ensim to cpanel requires some manual work ...

This procedure assumes you have root level access to both the source (ensim) and destination (cpanel/whm) servers.

  1. Login to the source ensim server using SSH from where you want to migrate the existing subdomain.
  2. Change to the subdomain directory for the domain you want to move
    i.e. cd /home/virtual/{}/var/subdomain
  3. Here you can see all the subdomains for this domain with
    ls -l -a
  4. Change into each subdomain html directory
    i.e. cd {subdomain}/html
  5. TAR and GZIP the files
    tar -czvf ../../{subdomain}.tar.gz *
  6. Repeat for all subdomains
  7. Transfer the files to the destination cpanel server, by either ftp or scp
    ftp cpanelserver as the root user
    mput *.tar.gz

  1. Login to the cpanel account for the domain and create all the subdomains
  2. Login to the destination cpanel server using SSH.
  3. Change to the directory where you uploaded the files using ftp
    cd ~
  4. Move each file to the appropriate subdomain directory for the domain.
    e.g. mv blog.tar.gz /home/domain-user/www/blog/
  5. Change to the appropriate subdomain directory for the domain.
    e.g. cd /home/domain-user/www/blog/
  6. UnTar the subdomain files
    tar -zxvf *.tar.gz
    rm forum.tar.gz
  7. Set the correct ownership of the files
    chown domain-user.domain-user * -R

Now test the subdomain and check all file permissions as necessary.

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