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Can I get BroadBand where I am ?

There are a number of factors that will determine whether you will be able to take get an ADSL connection. If you are in any doubt, please contact us for a test on your specific line.
  1. You must be a BT telephone subscriber
    You must have a valid contract for the use of a BT analogue direct exchange line forming part of the BT network over which the ADSL service will be provided. Note that if you rent your premises, you must have a valid contract for a BT or Calls & Access provided PSTN line. It is not suitable that the contract be held with your landlord rather than yourself.
    What does all that mean ? Simply that *you* must have a BT Line and are responsible for paying the BT telephone bills.
  2. Whether BT has upgraded your telephone exchange to ADSL technology
    It is expected that by the end of March 2006 *all* BT Exchanges countrywide will be Connect::ADSL compatible.
  3. How far you are from the local BT Telephone Exchange
    ADSL Speeds are dependant on the length of the copper wires connecting you to the telephone exchange - the further you are, the slower the DSL connection will be.
  4. That there are no incompatible services on your PSTN line
    Redcare, Alarm lines, ISDN, low-user tarrifs and certain types of internally wired telphone extensions can stop you receiving ADSL
  5. That you have sufficient mains power sockets close to the telephone master box.
    Some installations require BT to fit NTE (Network Terminating Equipment) in your premises, you must have a 13amp power outlet within 2 metres of where the phon-line enters the property
If you can meet all of the requirements, then you CAN get ADSL.

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