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What are the benefits of ADSL based services for Home and Business ?

ADSL based services allow Home Users to:

  • download Speed. ADSL provides high-speed digital access - upto 150 times faster than a standard 56K modems. Download speeds of 8Mb/s are now possible from Astutium Connect::ADSL-Max services
  • Use VoB (Voice over BroadBand) to obtain free calls to other VoB users.
  • Save time - Connect:ADSL is "Always On" - you no longer have to waste valuable time obtaining a dial-up connection.
  • Use the phone and internet at the same time - ADSL does not affect the normal telephone, so you can make and receive telephone calls or faxes whilst youÂ’re online.

Additionally, ADSL based services will allow SME's and Corporates to:

  • All the benefits of Home Users
  • Take full advantage of broadband capabilities.
  • Offer innovative services to your end user base.
  • Extend the reach of your Intranet to encompass your remote teleworkers and satellite offices.
  • Manage and predict your costs with the flat rate charging scheme

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