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What is the typical load average on your web servers?

Load is (generally speaking) the amount of work expected from a single thread on a single core of a single CPU expressed as a number, where 1.00 = 100%, 0.50 = 50% etc.

So anything below 1 (100%) per thread per core per cpu is considered normal.

We constantly monitor all our servers for performance, disk space, data-transfer and cpu load, to ensure they never rise above our pre-set levels for that machine, and on-site technicians are alerted instantly any threshold reaches 90% or above.

All of our hosting servers are multi-core dual-cpu supermicro systems capable of sustained loads of

# 8.00 for our 2*QuadCore shared hosting machines

# 24.00 for our 2*HexCore HyperThreaded vps machines

all without any issues in slowing down your website performance

On average load is between 0.05 and 3.80 so that the servers hosting your sites is are as fast as possible.

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