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RSS FAQ: What is a Podcast or Podcasting ...

The latest internet buzzword appears to be podcast or podcasting.

A Podcast is just an audio file that is distributed by RSS feed, that you download and listen to with your computer or a portable device such as an mp3 player or Apple iPod (hence the name).

What separates it different from a standard RSS feed is the audio component included in the enclosure field. Instead of reading the article, you are downloading an audio file which contains a read version of the article.
It's therefore the online equivalent of an audio-book.

Podcasting hints:

  • To create the initial XML RSS Feed data use the podcast generator
  • Make a directory in your webspace - say ./podcast for the xml and mp3 files
  • Upload your XML and MP3 files to your podcast directory
  • Announce your new Podcast to the world
    voila - you are now in the PodCasting business.

There are some hints and tips on promoting your podcast at

Podcasting is increasing in popularity - mostly by internet marketers who want you to listen to their sales speil in your own time, rather than the hit-and-miss technology of an online webcast.

According to Forrester Research in 2005, by 2010 podcasting should have about 12.3 million listeners.
These were the same researchers that said by 2002 everyone would be doing all their shopping online and retail outlets would all close down, so it was taken with a very large pich of e-salt ! But in 2015 we finally reached those numbers, and are now at over 30 million regular listeners

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