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How do I enable / disable auto invoice for domain renewal?

To enable or disable auto invoice for domain renewals ...

First log into the Client Portal.

Once logged in select "My Domains" and then "List Domains" from the menu.

There you will see a list of your domains along with the most commonly viewed details, such as locks and renewal status

Click "Manage Domain" for the domain you wish to update.

Pick the "Auto Renew" tab.

You will then see a button/option/toggle which allows you to switch between:

  • Allow to expire
    - Invoice will not be created
    - Domain will cancel at expiry date
    - Registry/Regulator mandatory reminders will still be sent
  • Enable Renewal Invoice
    - Invoice for renewal will be auto created before domain expiration
    - Domain will automatically renew on payment
    - If you have funds/credit available the domain will never expire
  • ComingSoon
    - New options for deleting / giving up a domain

After changing the selection, the renewal action for the domain will be set.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket and one if the Domains Team will get back to you.

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