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What are the Differences Between Vanilla Minecraft Servers and CraftBukkit

What is the difference between a CraftBukkit (Bukkit) MineCraft Server and a Vanilla Minecraft server ?

The main difference between the 2 most common forms of minecraft servers is that Vanillarefers to Minecraft in its unchanged original form, directly from Mojang the Game Developer.

On a Vanilla Server there are no modifications (mods) or addons, leaving the game to be played in its standard original style

CraftBukkit (or Bukkit), is a version of Minecraft that allows for modifications to be added to the game, and these mods can be accessed via the BukGet section of the Multicraft Panel.

One of the main differences you will notice is that having any modifications (or plugins) increases the storage size and memory needed for your minecraft server - the more mods/extensions/plugins/addons/extras that you install on your mcftserver, the larger minecraft server hosting package you will require.

Additionally, it is important to note that 'Bukkit is not always updated immediately with new Minecraft Server releases, so you must be careful not to update your local game software until a compatible 'bukkit version becomes available.

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