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Basic On-Page SEO Rules

Common SEO Rules, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Search Engines, Web Browsers and Visitors all expect you to follow some basic design guidelines to make the site more readable, accessible and understandable.
  • Use a meaningful title tag on all of your pages
  • Include a meta description tag
  • Include a meta keywords tag - note most engines have ignored this since 2010
  • Optimise your website to make it load faster
  • Combine CSS files into a single, larger file where practical
  • Use absolute not relative links in HREFs to enable browser caching
  • Move JavaScript not needed during page load to the bottom of your page
  • Regularly scan and fix all 404s

Read the Google SEO Guide

You can access the current version of the Google Guidelines at

Next Steps in SEO

Talk to Sales about an Astutium Website Analysis Report which will provide you details of what on-page SEO / changes are needed for you to obtain better rankings

Further Reading on SEO


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