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What is SEO ? Is it important ?

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or Search Engine Optimization)

Is SEO important?

Within reason :)

Always remember your website is for people not machines - People buy your products but Search Engines cost you money (by slowing down your website, using up your bandwidth etc.

What types of SEO are there ?

There are 3 main types of Search Engine Optimization:
  1. On Page SEO
    Improving the structure, style and content of your page to be more readable
  2. Off Page SEO
    Getting (relevant) links to your website
  3. Social Proof

Why am I spammed Constantly About SEO ?

Everyone wants more sales - the theoryis that more traffic = more sales, although that is usually not the case - targetted buyers are what drives sales, not traffic.

Because there are over 30 billion websites, there are a LOT of scammers out to charge you for nothing

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