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iTunes Podcasts - How do I fix my podcast feed ?

My podcast feed is broken/ignored how can I fix it?

iTunes Podcasts - Fixing your podcast feeds for iTunes Store

This KB Article refers specifically to iTunes Podcast Requirements

If your feed is broken / invalid / unreadable, then updates to your podcasts will not show on iTunes

Recommended steps to validate and fix your feed

  • Ensure your podcast's feed is supported by iTunes and that you have not added in any unsupported tags.
  • Use a feed validation service like to check for particular problems. This may be helpful in determining a specific problem with syntax.
  • If you used a software-based or online-based feed creation service, ensure your settings are correct and iTunes-compliant, and contact their support for assistance.
  • Subscribe to the feed in iTunes to see if it works.
    Open iTunes, go to the Advanced menu, choose Subscribe to podcast and enter your feeds URL.

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