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iTunes Podcasts - Why won't my artwork update ?

Why won't my artwork update?

iTunes Podcasts - Update Requirements of Artwork

This KB Article refers specifically to iTunes Podcast Requirements

Should you want to change your podcast artwork, you must ensure the new image has a new filename and meets the new size requirements.

iTunes caches the artwork, so you cannot reuse the same filename, as it will (incorrectly) assume it is the same file/image.

We recommend you suffix your files with '-date' to make them always unique. For example:
my-podcast-artwork-20120410.jpg for the artwork from 10/April/2010 onwards then
my-podcast-artwork-20131217.jpg for the artwork from 17/December/2013 etc.

Apple update their systems overnight mopst days, so your new artwork should show within 48 hours.

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