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What does an Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice Email Look Like ?

Domain Renewal Notice

At regular intervals before your domain name expires, you will receive automated 'Upcoming Renewal Notice' emails from us, containing instructions on what to do in order to retain your domain name.

From: Astutium Limited - Domain Registrar [registrar -at-]
To: Domain Contacts
Subject: Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice

Dear Domain Holder,

The domain(s) listed below are going to expire in 90 days. Renew now before it's too late...

YourDomainName.zzz - 31st March 1999 (90 Days)

If you no longer require the domain...
* You must set the domain as 'do not renew' aka 'allow to expire' from the domains management section of the Client Portal at:

If you want to ensure the domain does not expire...
* You can renew it now from the domains management section of our Client Portal here:

If you do not manually renew the domain, then (depending on the setting of 'allow to expire') we will invoice you automatically around 30 days before renewal. Should you allow the domain to reach expiry date it will become disabled - so any web site or email services associated with it will stop working - this could also lead to 48 hours of additional downtime after renewal for DNS/nameservers to update. We strongly advise against allowing any domain you wish to retain and use from being allowed to reach the expiry date. You MAY be able to renew it after the renewal date at a considerably higher cost than renewing now - for more details see

We recommend that important domains are renewed early, you can do that from the domains management section of our Client Portal here: Regards, Astutium Limited - Domain Registrar

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