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How do I update my address details on a Nominet .UK domain ?

It is essential to keep the records at the domain registry up-to-date with any changes as they happen.
Failure to maintain correct contact information can lead to the domain being disabled or even deleted and made available again for 1st-come-1st-served registration by another person.

Updates to / / / / domain name contact information (as shown on a WHOIS at are updated using the Nominet Registrants-Online Service at

You will need to know your domain name (obviously) and your Nominet login details (which they sent you at time of registration). If you do not know the login details, there is a recover/reminder option on the login page.

If the domain is a or the domain *MUST* show the registered address of the company.

If the domain name is a , or and you are using it for personal reasons only (i.e. not selling anything, advertising anything or promoting anything) then you may choose to have your home address hidden from the public view of the database by selecting 'WHOIS Opt-Out'.

A domain cannot be opted-out of the public WHOIS if it is owned by a company, charity foreign organisation, government agency or is used for any form of commercial purposes.

Current domain registration terms can be seen at <a href="" target="_blank">Terms & Conditions</a>.

Nominet contact information ...
+44(0)1865 332244

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